As part of the Paignton Festival, Feline Network took part in the Paignton Carnival parade on Wednesday, the 31st of June, and we're happy to announce that we were awarded second place in our category!


We'd like to thank our team of volunteers headed by our leader Debbie who put together and displayed our float in their paws-itively fantastic costumes, and we'd like to thank anyone who came down to support us!

Feline Network's Float

wins Second Place!

It has been just over a week since we lost one of our most beloved volunteers, Owen.


Owen worked as an animal rescue volunteer for the better part of ten years; in many ways becoming the beating heart of Feline Network in that time. Not only was he one of our most active volunteers, being instrumental in the rehoming and rescue of many of our cats, but his work also extended to the many other local charities he assisted, including Animals in Distress, Cats Protection, Cool for Cats and GKK Rescue to name a few. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that If you’ve reached out for assistance with animals in Torbay and Devon, there’s a high chance that Owen either helped you directly or put you in contact with someone who could.


His role with us also extended to being a crucial part of our administration, acting as liaison as well as an advisor to a majority of us during his tenure. He was known among not only ourselves but also the wider community of animal rescue volunteers in Torbay as someone who was consistently professional, dedicated to an awe inspiring degree and an overall credit to our industry. He was truly a wonderful man whose work will be unparalleled for quite some time and who will be deeply missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him.


He leaves behind a legacy of literal hundreds of animals whose lives he touched, as well as a new generation of volunteers, myself included, who were either directly recruited by him or inspired to action by his work. His absence will be keenly felt both by all of us here at Feline Network and by the many volunteers, families and friends he was able to work alongside and help. We will honour his years of dedicated service by, as a community, working harder than ever to fulfill the goal he embodied of making sure no animal that we have the power to assist ever suffers.

In loving memory of

Owen Chandler

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