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Lost and Found Help Page

Have you lost a Cat and need help?
Here's three easy steps.

  • Check local facebook groups.

Social media is designed to help in these situations. There are thousands of facebook groups dedicated to helping find lost animals around the globe, If you're in South Devon, then check Lost and Found Pets South Devon, a member of our Network, and post a picture and details of your lost Cat if you don't see a post reporting them found already.

  • Check the National Pet Registers.

The next place to check is the National Pet Register for Lost and Found Pets, a free independant database with thousands of reports, if anyone has seen your pet, this is one of the first places they'll report to. Another similar site is Cats Protection's Animal Search UK,

An affiliated database with 50,000 'Pet Patroller' volunteers who actively send any reports they can find to the database. With any luck, your Cat will have been spotted by one. If your Cat is microchipped, find their chip number and mark them as missing on the

Petlog Microchip Database, as if anyone scans your cat's chip, they'll know that they're lost.

  • Contact Us.

Even if you haven't checked the pages above, we're ready to help anyone who's lost an animal, as our trained volunteers will listen out for any reports and be able to try and trap and return your Cat, as well as we can help spread the word through our Network. We know that losing a cat is an extremely stressful experience, so we'll do everything we can to help.

Found or seen a Cat that looks lost?

There's only one thing to do.

  • Contact Us.

Whether the cat is actually lost or a stray, Feline Network can help to trap it humanely, and we'll do the work on our end to search through the databases and local posts and try to reunite the cat with it's owner. If we're sure a cat is lost even without a report, we'll try our best to place them into foster care or in the care of another cat rescue charity untl the time comes that their owner finds us or we find them. Even if the cat is a stray, it will be treated for fleas and worms, neutured, chipped, and released.

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