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Feline Network;
A cat charity with a difference.

Based in South Devon, Feline Network has been helping cats both locally and across the UK for almost a decade. As a cat charity, our main aim is to aid and rescue cats in need, but where we may differ from similar charities is in our belief that we can help more together than we can do apart. It was that philosophy that lead Debbie Johnson, our Founder, to create Feline Network in 2009. Now, not only can we rescue and rehome cats ourselves, but by working with other charities around the UK, we're able to go above and beyond to help our feline friends. It is our network of unity that both sets us apart and brings us closer together.

What we do:

  • Simply put, we help cats.

Whether they're domestic or feral, we rescue, aid and care

for ill-treated, abandoned, vulnerable and stray cats both in Devon and throughout the UK. Regardless of whether they will be taken into our care afterwards, all cats that we help are seen by a vet where they're vaccinated, neutered, treated for fleas and worms and microchipped so they'll never be lost.

  • We stand by our 'no kill' policy.

At Feline Network, we believe that every life is worth fighting for. Sadly, many cats are deemed 'un-homeable' due to their age, health condition, or personalities and quirks developed from abuse. While some would have those cats put down, we will never stop trying to find them the right home, and will only ever euthanise if a vet confirms there's no other choice. 

  • Rehoming made easier.

Rehoming can be stressful for everyone involved, not just the cats, which is why we specialise in direct rehoming. If a cat needs a new home, our volunteers will provide foster placements until the home is ready, reducing the amount of transfers a cat under our care needs to just one; from our home, to your home, making the process easier all-round. 

  • Both caring and professional.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, and we are run entirely by volunteers. We're home checkers, foster families, shop and transport volunteers, administrators and more, but no matter what our role, we're all fully vetted and trained to provide a high level of quality and professionalism in any aspect of the work we do for Feline Network.

  • Working both with you and for you.

We couldn't do any of what we do without the support of the public. Not only does your genarosity through our shop and donations keep us going, but your information both from contacting us and through 'Spotted' facebook sites allows us to find cats in need, and our volunteers can even train you to use our cat traps, letting you help us to help more cats.

  • Helping more together.

We work both within our network of equally hard working and professional volunteers and charities and beyond, 

including with statutory authorites and social services, ensuring that we can extend our reach and literally go the extra mile to help our feline friends. In fact, we've sucessfully rehomed every cat you've seen in the pictures on this page. 

Want to know more?

There's always something happening at Feline Network.

To keep up with the latest developments and information,

Want more information about Feline Network, our goals, volunteers, procedures and how we do what we do?

Enquiring minds want to know! If you have any further questions about Feline Network that aren't answered here,

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