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Ready for a new feline friend?

If you feel you are ready to have a new feline member of your household, or see a cat that in our care that you think is right for you, the first step is to get in touch with us and tell us!

5 steps to adopting with the Feline Network


Find a cat from our list who you think would be a good fit with you, your family and your lifestyle. It is important to consider things such as other pets, children, if you have a garden, if you work all day etc.

All the details are listed with our cats so you can make a good initial choice.


Contact us, giving information on your circumstances, contact details, and if you do not own your property, we would need to see landlord permission, as well as something to prove you live at the address.


One of our volunteers will make an appointment with you to do a home check, where we visit you to check for safe and secure surroundings, and that you have what the cat needs, we always like to meet your family and any other pets.  At this point we would need to see documentation.  It is an opportunity to ask us any questions too !


You will be invited to meet the cat you are interested in, you are more than welcome to meet more than one if at this point you are undecided.  This will be done either through the foster co-ordinator or the fosterer themselves.


The actual adoption. When you are happy with your cat, we would ask you to complete an adoption form, which contains all your cats’ information. Including microchip number, vaccination certificate, all about the cat, and the donation information.  We also set up a 5 week Agria free insurance for you.

Adoption Fees

Kitten up to a year.  £200

Adult from 1 – 10 years.  £100

Oldie from 10 to 14 - £50

Oldie over 14 – discretionary.  (We cannot offer insurance on these)

We also offer lifetime back up on all our cats, so should your circumstances change we are your first port of call. Because we always take our cats back. 

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