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Hector's House Residents

We're proud to announce our partnership with the brand new

non-profit rescue organisation, Hector's House Residents!

Founded in 2020, Hector's House Residents is a non-profit rescue organisation helmed by long-time Feline Network volunteer, Zara. 

Zara explains "Since my darling boy Hector went missing in 2018 I have become increasingly involved in cat rescue by working with local charities. One constant issue was the lack of space for unneutered Toms. In order to help these boys, I decided to ensure that no cat suffers unnecessarily, through no fault of their own."

In that light, Hector's House Residents seeks to trap, provide medical support for, rehabilitate and eventually rehome cats across Devon, with a focus on strays, who they're able to foster in their four warm, spacious cat pens. To learn more, check out their website at

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To review the different ways that you can get involved,

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