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Freddy & Franky another Feline Network success story!

Well a lot has happened since we last had something to say! The mad slave has taken us to the nice lady called vet twice, 1st time she was a he & he stuck a sharp thing in our necks.......owch!!!! the next time we had a lovely nap although the slave was useless the night before as she only provided water! when she came to get us she kept calling us Freddy & Franky no nuts??? she really needs help hummmmm. Then we met this lovely couple who spent over an hour playing with us & brought us lots of lovely blankets & a bed. Foster sister kept trying to sleep in the bed so the slave bought her one so we could keep taking it in turns. Then last Wednesday the lovely couple came back and we got in to the crate and we went on a long drive. Since then we haven't seen the mad slave or our foster sister but we're having an amazing time. We get lots of cuddles, toys & our favourite food & treats!!!! Apparently we're in our forever home & we love it!!! Thank you everyone for all your help, we are now safe & loved very much!

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