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Freddy & Franky's Week.

I'm Freddy & I've been busy eating & sleeping since I arrived at my foster home.

I'm Franky & I've been doing the same. Our stay with our slave started with us visiting a nice lady called Vet, she checked our gums and they were a bit pale so she was little worried about us. Slave made us swallow some really horrible white stuff that she said would get rid of all the wormies in our bellies (not sure what the mad woman was talking about) but after a few visits to the litter tray we did feel a lot better. Thanks to some lovely donations we have had some very good kitten food & the slave is very good at cooking chicken as a treat. Also our foster sister has shown us where the lick e lix are kept & we now make big eyes at slave when shes sat near them & she obays & gives us one! Tomorrow we are seeing Vet again, slave said something about jab so not sure what that means! will let you all know next week what it is. Bye all & thank you for our food & treats. Puuuuurrrrrrrrsss Freddy & Franky.

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