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Meet Kyra & Calypso

Kyra is grey and peach tortoiseshell with white face.

Calypso is grey with flecks of peach on her nose and back.

They will need to be homed together as Calypso is very timid and hides all the time.

Calypso is a shy and nervy little girl. She squeaks a lot when she can't see her siblings but is very playful and purrs when stroked and picked up. She is timid and will run away at the slightest movement but at times she finds her inner strength and has zoomies around the furniture and climbs the lampshade or pins her siblings to the floor in a wrestle. She enjoys exploring quietly but always remains near her sister.

Kyra (pronounced Kai-Ra)was quite shy to start but she has become more adventurous. She often cuddles up to Calypso and loves to follow us humans around in case a morsel of food falls into her mouth. She loves her meal times and has no worries about climbing up your legs to get to the meal you're preparing. She loves to snuggle in near you when you're watching a film or sat working at the PC.

At night the girls will cuddle together in a ball and you can't see where one starts and the other ends as they're knotted so tightly together.

If you think you can give these beautiful babies their furever home please contact with landlord permission if necessary

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