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Sad news as Feline Network's oldest cat Maisie passes away

The oldest cat cared for by the Devon charity Feline Network has sadly passed away.

Maisie was 20 years old and had extensive vet treatment after coming under the care of the charity two and a half years ago.

She had health problems needing ongoing care paid for by the charity, and was looked after by fosterer Lisa Fenn.

Maisie's condition started to deteriorate a few days ago, and the sad decision was taken on New Year's Eve to on veterinary advice to avoid her suffering.

Lisa explained in a Facebook post on New Year's Eve: "It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that this morning Miss Maisie passed away. She was the network's oldest cat and had been with us, in my care for 2 and a half years.

"Miss Maisie was 20 years old and came from a home in Leeds with another cat I named Grace, who unfortunately did not live very long. They were both in a dreadful condition. Maisie was in agony with very very bad teeth and was unable to eat. She had to have 8 teeth removed and recovered well.

"Due to her neglect before she came to me, her body condition was not amazing but she soldiered on. Just over a year ago her kidneys began to fail. I thought she would succumb quite quickly but she fought hard and lasted over a year on specialist renal support food kindly paid for by the network.

"She began to really deteriorate a couple of days ago and this morning when I got up it was evident that the time had come to end her suffering. I was with her when she was put to sleep. She was so peaceful and obviously ready to go. Her poor little body was just skin and bone. I feel so proud to have been her foster mummy... she ruled me with an absolute rod of iron... she was too important to drink from a bowl... so she had her own glass or drank from the bathroom tap.

"Miss Maisie I am heartbroken at your loss but so thankful you were part of my life. I will never forget you, my little slave driver. Xxxxxxxx."

Feline Network, founded by Debbie Johnson, relies on fundraising and has a charity shop at Paignton.

To find out more about the charity and how to support its welfare work with cats in Torbay and South Devon, see our about us page

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