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Tommy & Tango are looking for love.


Hi Folks. We have 2 beautiful cats who have come into the network after their owner sadly passed away. These 2 elderly boys are not able to be rehomed so we are seeking a long term foster placement for them. Their names are Tango ( 18yrs old) and Tommy (16 yrs old). Tommy is late stage renal ( Kidney) Disease and requires a renal support diet ... supplied and paid for by Feline Network Cat Rescue ... The boys are very gentle although Tango is not keen on being petted... he is a typical old gentleman, wanting to sleep a lot and enjoys his food. Tommy on the other hand enjoys being petted and would let you kiss him until the cows come home and then kiss him some more. As a long term fosterer you get all the pleasure of owning a cat with none of the vet bills. Along with the specialist food, they are covered by us. Foster cats are NOT allowed to go outside. These two have no interest in going out.. they just spend their days lazing about and sleeping. They need to be in a home with no children under 15yrs and no other pets.

Could you help? please email us on and mark your email TOMMY AND TANGO.

Written landlord permission is required if you live in rented accomodation and a home check will be carried out once the landlord permission is received.

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