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Urgent recall of cat food linked to rare fatal illness

Vet experts are investigating a surge in cases of a rare fatal cat illness caused by a blood disorder.

The Royal Veterinary College in London is carrying out a survey after seeing an increase in cases of pancytopenia.

Pending further investigation, a cat food manufacturer has voluntarily recalled a series of hypoallergenic cat foods linked to cases.

Fold Hill Foods Ltd said: "We are voluntarily recalling the dry products we manufacture for the brands detailed in the link below as a precautionary measure. We are supporting an investigation by the food and veterinary authorities into a possible safety issue affecting cats."

Products include selected ranges from AVA (Pets At Home), Applaws & Sainsbury’s.

See the company's statement for full details of the products involved.

The RVC said on Wednesday, June 23, it was aware of 352 cases of the disease, with seven out of 10 cases proving fatal.

The college said: "Common signs include lethargy and loss of appetite, although in some cases there are signs of spontaneous bleeding or bruising. We encourage owners to contact their veterinary practice if they are worried that their cat may be affected.

"Given this apparent association with diet, we welcome the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) product recall notice. While we have not definitively established diet as the cause of pancytopenia in these cats, we are continuing to liaise with the pet food industry and regulatory bodies to investigate the matter and identify the possible underlying causes of this extremely serious condition.

“To further support these efforts, we are encouraging vets who have seen these cases to complete our survey (”

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