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Feline Network Charity Shop
Doing more than buying and selling.

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Shop donations update

We are now taking most donations, except DVDs CDs and videos, as well as anything children-related.

Stocked up with goodness.





Looking for the next book you can't put down? Or what about that piece of furniture that fits perfectly?We have lots of great items in our shop, such as:






And much more. You'll never know what other hidden gems you might find unless you come visit!

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Every little helps!

Our shop is our primary source of funding, so no matter what you're looking for, any purchase made helps us aid hundreds of cats every year in so many ways. Buying a book can help us keep our cats fed for days, buying clothes helps us to get our cats neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and seen to by vets, and buying furniture helps us to go further afield to provide aid to feral, lost or escaped cats. No matter what you buy, you're directly helping cats.

Take a virtual tour

Take a look around our shop, which has had a spruce up ahead of reopening when Covid restrictions were relaxed. We'd love to see you, why not drop in for a browse and a bargain!

Working the till is voluntary!

Just like the rest of Feline Network, our Charity Shop is staffed entirely by volunteers. Have some free time, and wanting to do something meaningful? Nothing can be more meaningful than helping others, and any time you spend volunteering at our Charity Shop helps us all keep working and helping more cats.

Volunteer for Feline Network 

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