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Sponsor a Cat

Here at Feline Network, we believe that all cats deserve our love and support. Due to ongoing health conditions, age, or other circumstances, these cats are unsuitable to be rehomed, but we believe they still deserve our care and affection, and so we hope you'll considering sponsoring one of them!


How do I Sponsor a Cat?

Firstly, thank you very much for considering sponsoring one of our cats!

You can sponsor a cat by donating either monthly, quarterly, yearly, or as a one-off amount of as much as you want as unlike other sponsorships, there isn't a hard number!


You'll receive your own unique picture of the cat you choose to sponsor, as well as regular updates about them through our newsletter. Make sure that you contact us before donating so that we can make sure you're registered as a sponsor!

To sponsor one of our wonderful cats, please get in touch!

Our Sponsorable Cats
Click on their profiles to learn more!


  • Black and White Male

  • 5 Years Old

  • Fostered in Paignton


  • Tortoiseshell Female

  • 10 Years Old

  • Fostered in Paignton


  • Tabby and White Male

  • 6 Years Old

  • Fostered in Paignton

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