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Volunteering with Feline Network

We couldn't be happier that you're interested in Volunteering with us! You'll be joining a team of wonderful and dedicated people coming together to help both our feline friends and each other! One of the biggest myths about volunteering with us is that you have to be in a public role. Not true! While you're probably familiar with our forward-facing volunteer roles, some of our best and brightest work behind the scenes. We want you to be comfortable in the role that you want to perform, and while we have several laid out below, none are mutually exclusive, you can fill as little or as many as you're comfortable with, and if you feel like you have a skill or a role that we haven't mentioned then please get in contact! 

Shop Assistant

Volunteers working in our Charity Shop are responsible for manning the till, organising stock and helping customers. You'll have to be 16 or over, and provide us with references, but former shop experience isn't neccesary as our resident volunteers can teach you the tricks of the trade.

Volunteers working as a Fundraiser are responsible for participating in our collections and events, public speaking and answering questions. You'll have to be 16 or over, and provide us with references, but no experience is needed, and hours, while longer, provide for flexibility.



Volunteers working as a Fosterer are responsible for looking after cats while we find them a home, taking them to vets appointments and providing food, water and a cat tray. You'll need to have a space available, be available for appointments and home checked, but we cover the costs of any vet bills.  


Volunteers working as a Transporter are responsible for getting cats, items and people to their respective destinations such as vets, our shop and more. You'll need access to a car and to be available for both appointments and emergencies, but less hours are needed to help just as much.

Cat Trapper

Volunteers working as a Cat Trapper are responsible for setting up traps, collecting trapped cats, scanning cats for microchips, transporting cats to vets and returning traps. You'll need access to a car, but no experience is needed and our volunteers can teach you the role as you go.

Home Checker

Volunteers working as a Home Checker are responsible for interacting with prospective families and fosterers and assessing their homes for safety risks or concerns. Access to a car is ideal but not neccesary, and no experience is needed as our volunteers can teach you the role as you go.

Volunteers working as a Social Media Assistant

are responsible for maintaining our Social Media Accounts, and are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table to innovate our public relations. There are no requirements for this role, though quick and regular access to technology is ideal.

Social Media Assistant

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