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Donating to Feline Network

Thank you so much for considering making a Donation!

No matter what you're willing to give, your donation is vitally important to us

as it allows us to keep operating and help as many cats as we can. 

Donating Items

Feline Network accepts any and all item donations both at our Charity Shop and at our many Events. You can find our address below, or in our Contact Us and Our Shop sections, and you can learn about our upcoming events in our Events section. You can donate items separately or together in a black bag. If you're unsure about an item's use or condition, donate it anyway, as we sort through all donations before we put any up for sale. Have a larger item of furniture to donate? Contact us and we will arrange together how to transport it to our Charity Shop.

Donating Money

Feline Network accepts cash donations either in person at our Charity Shop or at our Events, or through the post when sent to our Charity Shop. You can find our address below, in our Contact Us and Our Shop sections, and you can learn about our next event in our Events section. We also accept donations through PayPal via our link which you can find below, as well as donations through Investors in Community and Ko-Fi

You can make a donation directly into our bank account, either a one-off payment or direct debit to provide ongoing support.

Bank account details:

Please make Payments to Feline Network


Sort code: 601611

Account number: 76659070

Amazon Wishlist

Want to donate money as well as have a direct contribution to how that money is used? Well look no further than our Amazon Wishlists, buying these items via our wishlists via Amazon, or even better, via Amazon Smile, will ensure that we recieve donations that we need, and leave you with the knowledge of the tangible way you've helped continue our operations. We currently have two Amazon Wishlists, one contributing to our volunteers in Torquay, and one contributing to our volunteers in Paignton.


Affiliate Links

Do you shop with Amazon, eBay, Argos, Sainsbury's or many other retailers? Then another way for you to donate to Feline Network is through our Affiliate Links, EasyFundraising and Amazon Smile. By following our links and shopping either directly with Amazon Smile or via EasyFundraising, then a portion of your shop will be donated to Feline Network at no extra cost to you! By making sure you use our links the next time you're about to check out, you'll let the companies that you're shopping with know to donate to us in your stead. As they say, it's Easy!

Torbay Lottery

Feline Network is proud to be a recognized 'Good Cause' by Torbay Lottery, a local lottery ran by Torbay Council which has draws every week with each ticket costing £1 and top prizes of £25,000, £2000 and £250. If you buy Tickets through our Torbay Lottery page, then 50p of every ticket is donated directly to us, with another 10p of every ticket sold regardless of the charity they were bought to support being pooled and split among every Good Cause, meaning you can donate to Feline Network and be in with a chance to win big at the same time!

Feline Network

Photo Competition

Have an eye for photography? Or do you have a beautiful cat that you want the world to see? With our Photo Competition, you can do both at the same time, raise money for a good cause, and even be in for the chance to win some money too! Head to our Photo Competition Page, submit a photo and donate £1.00 to us and we'll publish your photo to our page. At the end of the month, everyone will vote on their favourite photo and if your photo is the winner, you'll win half of that month's donations, and your winning photo will be displayed on our homepage!

To review the different ways that you can get involved,