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Charlie prepares for fundraising
skydive from 15,000ft


Feline Network supporter Charlie Gill is planning a fundraising adventure by jumping out of an aircraft 15,000 ft up in the air.

The mum-of-four from Ellacombe, Torquay, has adopted two felines from the charity, and Teddy and Mowgali are now much-loved members of her family.

Charlie, who works for Torbay Council, tells the story below in her own words. To add a message of support and to sponsor the skydive on August 26, from Dunkeswell airfield near Honiton, check out Charlie's fundraising page on GoFundMe.


In Aug 2017, approx 9 months after losing my only surviving cat Thomas who was 10 years old and I'd had since he was a tiny kitten, I saw a picture of this gorgeous ginger boy called Stanley (renamed Teddy) who had been found with his brothers and sisters abandoned at a few hours old and had a bad start at life.
He was the spitting image of my Thomas and I fell in love instantly. He was being fostered by a lovely lady called Jayne who had several cats, and a couple of dogs at the time.
A quick message, lots of information sharing, chats, a thorough home check and other bits and he was home settling straight away into our crazy household containing 2 kids, a toddler and a 6 month old puppy Bentley who immediately became his brother from another mother!






In Jan 2018 another post pops up and I see another ginger boy Murray (renamed Mowgali), a 4-5 month old stray kitten handed in. Again spitting image of my late boy Max.

Before I knew it we'd suddenly become a house of 3 kids, a puppy and now 2 cats and we have not looked back.

Whilst our fur babies weren't ill treated, abused, they were abandoned and could have ended up as strays with long term health problems or worse. Fortunately this charity found them and was able to neuter them and give them the opportunity to be rehomed.

I am raising money through the jump scheme with Skydive Buzz therefore a proportion of money raised will go towards the jump & all other donations will go to The Feline Network.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

Feline Network's 2021

Charity Shop Reopening

Well the lockdown feels like it has gone on for the longest time, but thankfully due to the vaccination roll-out the Government has announced it is on target to meet its planning roadmap to reopening the economy.

And the good news for us is that means non-essential retail can reopen from Monday, April 12.

We are working on our own reopening plans, so please look out for updates when we are in a position to confirm our charity shop reopening date.

Feline Network's

Charity Shop Reopening


We're very happy to announce that the Feline Network Charity Shop is now scheduled to reopen bright and early at 10.00am on Monday, the 22nd of June. 

We're hard at work preparing our shop so that our shoppers can safely social distance. As part of this, our opening hours are going to be reduced to 10.00am to 3.00pm on Mondays, as well as 10.00am to 4.00pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. Also, only the ground floor excluding our changing room will be open at this time, but talk to our members of staff if you wish to purchase anything from the first floor! Next, we'll be limiting the amount of people who can enter the store at any time to four to give a max capacity enough room to properly social distance.

Lasty, we'll be unable to accept donations in our first week of operation, but we'll update you both here and on our social media pages when we're able to take donations again. We'd like to thank everyone for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in the near future!

A Happy Home for Charm

Today, we have a happy story from Charm, who recently found her forever home with the Symons family. Her new mum Kim shared this story with us.

"I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this little face on the Feline Network page. I fell in love and made a comment that we were interested. Never did think anything would come of it. I went on to look at the charity on Google to ensure it was an actual charity as I had not heard of them. 
We were messaged by Debbie her foster mum who invited us to meet Charm as she wanted to meet my 9 year old daughter and I to ensure we were right for Charm. Debbie was amazing giving us information about the charity and Charm. We wanted to take her home but Feline Network would not let her go until she had been spayed, fleaed, wormed and had her 2 lots of injections. Debbie kept me updated every step of the way.  In the mean time a house visit was carried out by a lovely volunteer. Looking at the premises and asking appropriate questions. An answer was given to us there and then, no waiting.  Debbie had taken the time to send us pictures of food and cat litter Charm was used to. As soon as Debbie had Charm ready we discussed the collection date. Every step went so smoothly with constant contact from Debbie. I do highly recommend Feline Network.

We'd like to thank Kim for her story and we know Charm will be very happy in her new home! We always have more cats who need a loving home, so if you'd like to find your own Charm, have a look at our Cats available for rehoming!

Gremlin, Happily Reunited

After Three Years!

gremlin reunite.jpg
gremlin reunite.jpg

Today, we're proud to share the story of Gremlin who had been missing for three years, and our wonderful volunteer Zara who returned her home.

As part of our work, we'll regularly go out to investigate calls and messages about suspected stray cats, as was the case when our volunteer Zara sought out a grey long haired cat that was seen in the area. 

Luckily, Zara was quickly able to gain her trust and get her safely and (mostly) happily secured in a cat carrier, at which point she was able to scan her and found her microchip letting us know who Gremlin was and where she lived.

And after a quick car ride, Gremlin was happily reunited with her family after three years apart, who, as you can see from the pictures, were very happy to have her back! We'd like to thank Zara and all of our fantastic volunteers for their constant hard work, and all of you, as without your support, none of the good work we do would be possible!