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Feline Network

and Covid-19

The world at large is facing an unprecedented challenge in the form of Covid-19, or the coronavirus, and all of us are affected. Before anything, we'd like to give our thanks to both those who are following the government's instructions to self-isolatle and socially distance, as well as those who are still working and volunteering, especially those working with and for the NHS. Together, we'll be able to keep ourselves safe and healthy during these incredibly trying times.

As for Feline Network, while our present aim is to continue as much of our work as possible, it would be impossible to not be impacted, and as such we've made the decision to not only close our Charity Shop until further notice, but also postpone any scheduled events, including the previously upcoming Feline Network Psychic Evening. To anyone who bought tickets for this event, we're hoping to schedule a date for the event as soon as we're able, but in the interim if you'd like a refund, please contact us or message us on facebook.

Despite this, we're still hoping to continue our work, and while our capacity will be ineviatably reduced, we still aim to continue to treat injured cats as well as rehome our cats and respond to local crisis where we can. However, our Charity Shop, our main source of income, will be closed, and while this is an issue that faces a majority of us, we have started a GoFundMe page asking for crisis fund to help us fund our work while our main avenues are understandably closed. We'd advise you all to look after yourselves first, but to those of you who may be financially able to donate, we appreciate your consideration.

To everyone reading this we want to thank you for your support over the years and we hope that you're safe and healthy in these difficult times.

Update: We'd first like to thank everyone who's already donated to our GoFundMe Crisis Fund, it is very much appreciated both by all of of us here at Feline Network as well as all of our cats!

Secondly, we've also had to make the decision that to currently attempt home checks would be inadvisable both for our volunteers and to yourselves, and so while our cats available for rehoming are still available for reservation, we will only be able to home check and thereby complete the rehoming process once the lockdown has been lifted.

Again, we thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this trying time, and we hope that you're doing as well as you can, that you're as safe and healthy as you can be and that you're able to be as kind to yourselves as you should be.

Feline Network

Cat Goodies Raffle Results!

Earlier this month we announced our Cat Goodies Raffle, with the money raised going directly to our Sponsor a Cat scheme, and on the 18th of March, we held our draw.


We'd firstly like to thank everyone who bought a ticket, as with your help we've managed to raise over £115 for our sponsorship cats, and secondly we're happy to announce that the winning ticket was number 29, and we'd like to congratulate Jan B. on her winning our Cat Goodies hamper!

For anyone still looking to win big, we'd like to once again promote Plymouth Pet Scanners' Feline Network Raffle which will be drawn at the end of the month, which you can read about below.

Plymouth Pet Scanners'

Feline Network Raffle!

We're proud to announce that Plymouth Pet Scanners, who choose local charities and causes to run a fundraising raffle for, have selected Feline Network to be the recipient of their March raffle!

This month's prizes are a LOVE LOVE LOVE T-shirt, a pair

of Yankee Candle and Sanctuary Body Spa gift sets, an M&S Royal Jelly gift set, a set of Body Shop soaps and Rich Plum Delights gift box, a cotton tote bag with cat design, a 1000 piece jigsaw with a cat design, and a Sanctuary Spa washbag gift set.

Tickets are limited at 100 for the raffle, and are sold at £2 for one, or £5 for three, and can be bought on their Facebook page. The raffle will be drawn at the end of the month, and to everyone buying a ticket, thank you and good luck!

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