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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

We are facing a cat rescue crisis. There have never been so many cats in desperate need of a rescue space. Yet FN and many other rescues are having to turn away so many needy cats. There is simply no space at the inn.

Why? Partly due to the fact people are not in a financial position to adopt a pet right now. Partly due to the over-breeding and subsequent non-neutering of so many cats during lockdown. Many of whom escaped or were abandoned, bred, producing kittens that then bred and these were born feral. And also due to people not having the financial means to properly care for their cats. Doubly so if said cat needs any kind of vet intervention or treatment.

We are a foster-based rescue, with a very small amount of cattery spaces. All these spaces are full. We need more fosterers.

Fosterers take cats into their home, either as part of the family or n a spare room etc, and care for them, taking them to the vets as required, administering flea and worming treatment, ensuring they are fed and watered, socialising them, keeping them safe.

There is a small amount of paperwork required, which we can help with, and you would need landlord permission if you do not own your home. We would do a home check where we go through all our policies, what fostering entails, and gives you an opportunity to ask us anything you are unsure about.

We cover all vets’ bills, provide everything you will need, you provide the TLC!

If you would like to know more, please contact us in the following ways.

Lisa, foster co-ordinator, 07904942264

WhatsApp 07711957837

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